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Tel:  +27 11 917 6065
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Computer Aided Drafting Design, Product Innovation Design, New Product Design, Product Engineering Design, Solid Modeling, 3d Solid Modeling, Solid Modeling Cad, Aircraft Design, Aircraft Carrier Design, New Aircraft Design, Cad Drafting Engineering, Cad Design Services, Canopy Design, New Design CanopyCTC started off as Stanley Design Services in 1988 as a small professional CAD Design Service to the Aircraft and Automotive industries. However our market penetration grew with projects into International companies. It soon became clear that additional services would be needed to cope with the demands. Thus CTC was formed to provide Technical Consulting Services, Project Management Services, full Engineering & Design Services including manufacturing supervision, certification and commissioning of capital equipment. We then branched out into the Underground Mine Vehicles and mining and mineral processing equipment. This lead to us doing Technical Documentation and Illustration. Presently our major projects are Voest ABM Coal Cutter Machines & Eimco/Toro/EJC LHD mine vehicles, Aircraft Interiors, Special Purpose Machines.


  • Technical Consultants
  • Project Management
  • Computer Aided Engineering & Design
  • Technical Documentation & Illustration
  • Compilation of Parts and Operator’s Manuals
  • Printing, Plotting & Scanning Facilitys

Our Technical Consultants can advise you on the best methods to use from Design Concept to the latest in manufacturing techniques. They will also ensure that your products are manufactured to the highest standards. Always practicing Value Engineering to keep the costs down. They will also advise on Prototype Builds to prove Design functionality.

Our Technical Consultants will reconfirm the “Scope of the Project” with the customer, in respect of Engineering & Design approval : Finite Element Analysis, Certification : Technical Documentation and the compilation of Manuals. (If required)

Our Project Managers can handle any size of Project, or portion thereof. Focusing on the clients needs, with the aim to ensure that the clients Project runs smoothly, with the minimum of problems, On Time and within Budget constraints. They will monitor/control and feedback the project’s operational performance to the client, in line with the issues identified in the “Project Scope” Weekly project Status Reports will be issued.

They will also cover various project-related activities such as : Project Scheduling, procurement and Cost Control.

When required they will team up with various of our associates to ensure the Project runs smoothly.


  • 3D/SOLID MODELLING : A detailed 3D/Solid model is produced of the component, machine or equipment, which is a valuable tool for visualising prior to Design approval and manufacture. Models can be used for FEA.
  • DESIGN DATA PACK : Detail Drawings are generated with the required BOM’s to clients specifications.
  • REVERSE ENGINEERING : Detail Drawings are generated from sample components & equipment for production.
  • REDRAW DATA CAPTURE : Drawings are generated on CAD form Hardcopy Drawings still in use. (Major space saving.)
  • AS-BUILD DRAWINGS : Construction additions to Plant facilities results in the compilation of As-Build Plant drawings.
  • CHECKING OF DRAWINGS : All drawings are checked for correctness as well as compliance to relevant design standards.

We are able to compile various types of Technical Documentation & Illustrations for : Technical Reports, Service Bulletins, Handbooks and Assembly Instructions.
The Compilation of Parts & Operators Manuals has become a large part of our business. Compiling manuals (including Illustrations) for companies like : SANDVIK GROUP, VOEST ALPINE, VOEST BERGTECNIK, TAMROCK and EIMCO.
We also have an Associate who can produce Parts and Operators Manuals in “Link One Format”